We ‘ve launched a new e-shop!

Are you an adventurer

like us?

Are you proud of volunteering adventurer?
Get something from our collection of clothes and accessories and let the world know!

You can newly support our organization by purchasing items, conveniently through our e-shop. The purchase will bring joy to you and us.

In our new collection you will find eco- friendly T-shirts, fruit bags, glass bottles and mugs or even snack boxes. On all our items you will find our logo and funny announcements, thanks to which you will show the world that you are a real adventurer!

The entire collection is made of ecological materials, so you don’t have to worry that your ADVENTURE will leave some scars on our planet.

The right combo with a soul of adventurer.

Are going to a weekend?

Then you have to pack your backpack, fill a bottle with water, pour fragrant coffee into a mug, prepare a hearty snack in a box, pack a few juicy tomatoes in a bag and go on an adventure! You will find all this in our
4S set, which we also offer at a good price.

Whats is included in 4S set? 

  • Fruit and vegetable bag
  • Snack box
  • Glass bottle with neoprene case
  • Glass mug with silicone lid

It is definitely an ideal brand for Weekend. Our dining set, as we like to call it in Tamjdem, will please every adventurer.

The entire amount for which you buy items supports the activities of our non-profit organization.

All adventurers who goes with us for ADVENTURE over the Czech Republic. In 2018, we supported 29 non-profit organizations from all over our country.