Volunteer weekend for parents with children: 11.-13.10.2013

decka na webIf you believe good parenting is about doing things together and that good example does more than sophisticated mentoring, try volunteering with your children.

For the weekend of 11.-13. October, we have prepared the first volunteer weekend for children (aged 5-12) and their parents. We will help a not-for-profit outdoors kindergarten, Pramínek, near Prague.

THE WORK: we will plant raspberries, lay a stone path, prepare firewood for the winter, rotate compost and go about other autumn works. We will work together most of both Saturday and Sunday. For Saturday, we have planned a walk in the surroundings.

The outdoor nursery (Lesní klub Pramínek) is a self-help initiative of an environmental NGO based in the nearby Říčany. Its mission is to promote the benefits of educating pre-school outside the classroom, all-year-round. Their website is here.


Accommodation: We will be accommodated indoors, with hot showers available. There are two 15-bed rooms (one for mums and the younger children, the other for fathers) and the kindergarten itself (for the older children).

Bring along: warm clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty, good shoes, sleeping bag – the children should bring a sleeping mat, too – and something for dinner on Friday that you feel like sharing with others.

Eating: parents of children that frequent the kindergarten will cook lunch on both days. Bring whatever you find at home for Friday evening. We will fetch food for both breakfasts and dinner on Saturday.

Participation fee: 850 CZK for one child and one parent. Count another 200 CZK for each child or parent above that. The fee covers costs of accommodation, food, medical and damage insurance. Any extra contribution will make similar weekends accessible to more parents.

Getting there: enter „ulice Lesní, Světice, okres Praha-východ“ in mapy.cz. Continue from there along the forest road until you see the kindergarten. The place is some 30 kms from Prague. In case you prefer to use public transport, join us at 17:50 in front of the Neoluxor bookstore at Prague’s main train station (Hlavní nádraží).

How to apply: write to Štěpán Zelinger, ideally by the 2nd of October, at mezimoozek@yahoo.co.uk and include how many of you would be coming and how you found out about the weekend.

The weekend is managed by Štěpán Zelinger and Dorota Meissnerová. Štěpán has 5 years of experience in organizing volunteer events. Dorota is a paramedic and will look after the children.