Are you interested in cooperation?


Do you have a project in your non-profit organization that you can’t proceed with on your own and need the help of volunteers? Do you want to learn to search for volunteers, communicate with them, and keep them for a long time? Or do you want a one-time help in the strategic development of your non-profit?

Take a look at the description of  Weekends or Workcamps that can help you in these respects. If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact us via this form.

If you are not sure about the cooperation, please contact the project coordinator  Zuzana by e-mail:

Workcamps – workcampy@tamjdem.cz
Weekends – vikendy@tamjdem.cz

And how do we choose the organizations we intend to work with?

  • Non-profit – we help only non-governmental non-profit organizations,
  • Public benefit – the impact on the development and contribution to society is clearly communicated,
  • Space for development – the organization has set goals and a plan for achieving them,
  • Benefit and meaningfulness of tasks – we will be happy to help you with the implementation of a demanding project or lighten the work of permanent employees,
  • Practical conditions – the organization has facilities for volunteers or is able to provide it in its vicinity (especially at workcamps).