It all starts with work gloves – We invite you for the first weekend projects of 2015

The right work gloves are the basics for great volunteering projects…!
It all starts with choosing your favorite colors, design and perfect sizes and ends with international friendships, amazing and rich travelling experiences, meeting new people, getting to know the world of the non-profit organizations and their work a bit better and helping them build a wall or store piles of firewood and a lot more…

We prepared a lot of such opportunities for you this year.

  • We invite you for the weekend projects (Víkendovky). There are going to be 9 of them till the end of June, always in different nonprofit organizations in the whole Czech republic.
  • In case you are starting to plan your summer vacation check out the volunteering opportunities abroad first – Workcamps.
  • The Tamjdem team is also looking for organizers and campleaders (workcamps in CR) for our projects of 2015. The information on our website is in Czech only, but if interested, do not hesitate to contact us directly and we will be happy to tell you more information about it in English.

We are looking forward to meeting you at some projects, receiving your application forms and possibly even some cooperation!