For schools

We organize volunteer events of different lengths and different orientations for schools throughout the Czech Republic.

Do you want to involve your pupils and students in volunteer activities so that their work really has meaning and benefit, and at the same time they learn something more about themselves, about their classmates, about the work of non-profits in the Czech Republic? Come on in with us!
We will save your time in planning and preparing the event and connect you with such non-profit organizations where help is really needed.


  • manual work in the fresh air and in an interesting environment;
  • various physically demanding tasks;
  • an introduction to the non-profit organization in which you will be involved and its area of ​​operation in a broader context;
  • meaningfully spent time and a fully charged program of several hours.


If you are interested in the details of cooperation and organizing a volunteer event for your school, do not hesitate to contact
Karolína Nováková by the e-mail address karolina.novakova@tamjdem.cz, or at the telephone number
00420 604 370 797.


Twenty volunteers (students and teachers) from Germany enjoyed their volunteer day with our organizer Bára thanks to meaningful manual work in the non-profit organization Toulcův dvůr. Thanks to these 94 volunteer hours, the yard area came to life again and a group of our neighbors also enjoyed working in Toulcov’s autumn yard

International School of Prague
Eighteen volunteers (students and teachers) from the International School of Prague in Prague spent the first week of September 2019 full of volunteering. With our lecturers Eva, Bára and Jana, they had the opportunity to get to know several interesting non-profit organizations not only in Prague. Learn how the students enjoyed the whole week and what they experienced during the 228 volunteer hours they worked.

Study Abroad Association
An international team of 22 volunteers (students and teachers) arrived on 27 May 2019 in the Garden of  Společnost “E” to support the further development of the Arrangement – Flower Workshop – with its 44 volunteer hours. As part of their several-day stay, they spent a beautiful afternoon here with our organizer Vilena. They ended the whole day with our organizer Petr by having a community dinner at the Fair Food Bistro. Read and see how students and teachers from the USA enjoyed the event with Tamjdem.