3 steps to save the planet

3 steps to save the planet

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, or reduce waste, give new life to old things and recycle. Is that enough?

Ecology is one of the most discussed topics today. The Internet is full of information and calls for a greener way of life, as well as opposing reports and opinions that say it’s all just an inflated balloon. Maybe, but quite irrefutably, we dig our own grave and lay down on plastic and waste. Do you want to do something about it and want a simple guide on how to do it?


There are a numbers of projects in Europe where you can learn from experts in practice how to generate electricity from renewable sources, how to make your own BIO cheeses, grow plants, compost, how to recycle or how to take care of animals. You will learn what you can do at home in a block of flats or you will try for yourself if you have what it takes to live on an eco-farm and help to make the world a little cleaner place. The projects are organized by non-profit organizations that try to promote a more environmentally friendly lifestyle and production. Help them with their work and learn about the real life from them. About what is behind eggs and vegetables on store shelves and what we pay for comfort.


There is also a large number of ecologically oriented workcamps in 2020 and nothing prevents you from going out. It is possible to travel freely within the EU and the Schengen area and you don’t need to have a COVID test or go to quarantine in most countries. Even prices for air tickets and tickets are falling and often attract discounts. Nevertheless, travelling is in great decline and international workcamps don’t have enough volunteers. Nonprofits are fighting for survival and they need you more than before.

Use this summer for a change and go to a project which you trust. Information on how to get started and the application can be found at tamjdem.cz/workcampy.

Sagevere Goat Farm VI – Estonsko
Estonia 27. 8. – 20. 9.
Organická kozí farma Sagevere ve vesnici s 18ti obyvateli uprostřed nádherné estonské přírody produkuje mléčné výrobky a chleba ekologicky šetrným způsobem, a snaží se o osvětu a propagaci udržitelného způsobu žití. Kromě koz zde chovají také kuřata, králíky a ovce. Na tomto workcampu zjistíte, co obnáší práce na farmě a péče o zvířata. Naučíte se vyrábět sýry, jogurt, tvaroh, máslo, a péct tradiční chleba. Čeká vás fyzicky náročná práce na 5-7 hodin denně 5-6 dní v týdnu, ale jako odměnu dostanete domácí stravu z vlastních produktů, pohodlnou postel a Wi-Fi.

Spring rejuvenation of eco farm & animal Sanctuary – Slovinsko
Slovenia 2. 8. – 16. 8.
Help to take care of the animals in the rescue center. In addition to working with the animals themselves you will also build shelters and garden for them. You will learn how to communicate with animals in practice, the basics of organic plant growing and living, more about recycling and, above all, you will help animals that have often not have had an easy life. As the income of the rescue center is not stable and the costs are high, the host organization requires a contribution of 110 Euros.

Sun + Wind = Power II – Neměcko
Germany 8. 8. – 22. 8.
An inn and training center built in an organic style with a renewable energy source. The “power park” hosts educational events for children and seminars for specialists. Learn more about the causes and effects of climate change and help with maintenance and gardening work.

Would you like to go somewhere, but have you chosen from the above projects?
See an overview of all currently offered workcamps.

If you still have any questions about how it works, have a look at the detailed information in the “Workcamps” tab or just ask. Send us an email to outgoing@tamjdem.cz, join the FB group. If you are already decided to leave, fill out the application and let things happen!